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Adult Daycare

Preserving Independence

Changing how people live, not where.

What do you want for yourself as you age? 

We all hope to grow old gracefully. No one wants to be shuffled off to a nursing home; Or, live apart from family, friends, and familiar surroundings.  We all want to live as independently as possible for as long as possible. But sometimes, we need help.

Adult Daycare is a program that can prevent or delay institutionalization; it provides relief for family caregivers; and, it helps older people to maintain and enhance personal relationships. If the prospect of sending a family member to a nursing home is looming large, take a look at daycare. It not only costs far less than skilled nursing, it's less confining and a potentially better option.

What is Adult Daycare?

Adult daycare isn't a single service. It's a variety of medically designed/medically supervised activities aimed at enhancing the functional independence and cognitive abilities of older adults. The games and activities that take place at daycare look simple, but don't be fooled: they have a therapeutic purpose.

Find a Good Fit

If you visit a number of centers, you'll find differences and similarities. When you're choosing a program for someone it's important to find a place/program that best suits the person. CYA facilities, for example, clearly aren't the newest in town. But, clients are well served and comfortable. How do you know a good fit? Take a tour; ask questions; observe the people. Is the place friendly? Is the staff knowledgeable? Some places, CYA included, let people try out the service. Want to know more call us at: 412-621-3342.

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