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Senior Transportation

Senior Transport

Providing Mobility

Lets Go Places!

Don't drive? Need transportation to the doctor's office, church services, a special event? Don't worry. CYA has wheels!

CYA can also connect you with ACCESS--The Port Authority of Allegheny County's senior citizen transportation program--and other transportation programs.

ACCESS is a personalized, scheduled transportation program for people age 60+. It can be used for all manner of trips. It can take you where you need to go, when you need to go, anywhere in Allegheny County.

OPT is group transportation. People go in groups to shopping centers, restaurants, museums, and other attractions. Destinations change every month, so call CYA for current information.

Golden Carriagee is door-to-door transportation to doctor's office, grocery stores, church services, and more in the Bloomfield-Lawrenceville-Garfield area.

 For more information about any of these services call 412-621-3342